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Before the below blue skies cast moved to Spartanburg, we called Columbia home, and in Columbia we bought and renovated a home.  We’re still quite proud of all the hard work we put into our very first home, so if you’d like to see the before and afters, continue on this tour:

This is not the most recent photo, but the only one I had showing some updates. We removed the nasty white shutters, cleaned up the yard, replaced the front door and painted it black and gave the whole thing a nice pressure wash…

Now the following is a photo I doctored up to show my long-term goal for the front of our house, being that I thought we’d live there for at least five years. Hopefully the future residents will see its potential:

In my dream to-do list, we would have removed all the pine trees from the front, replacing one with a nice palmetto tree (we live in South Carolina after all) add some black shutters to tie in with the front door, paint the railing black, update the roof, add some gorgeous landscaping, paint the concrete steps a nice charcoal, update the vinyl siding to a clean white rather than that pea green and replace one of the railings with a column…

Moving on. Here is a before shot of the living room – first room you enter in the house.

We ripped out the carpet to reveal beautifully untouched hardwoods, painted every square inch, and updated the light fixtures and outlets and vents etc.

Next is the dining room:

There’s my dear dad painting it. This is the best before shot I got of the dining room. We did the same things in this room as we did in the living room. It’s amazing what paint and a lil’ elbow grease can do.

The biggest change of all would have to be in our kitchen:

What a dark depressing space. For any cook, this is a nightmare! We sanded and painted the cabinets and updated hardware, the hubs added some crown moulding and a dishwasher (lifesaver!), updated the light fixtures, installed new granite countertops and a new floor to get:

I can’t help but stare at that photo with a smug smile on my face. I’m so proud of all our hard work.

The rest of the rooms are nowhere near as impressive…we’ll head to the master:

Not that large a change, in the bedrooms we also updated the doors by either replacing them with a six panel door or painting them with some fresh white paint and adding new satin nickle door knobs and hinges.

Guest room: our most difficult room to change as far as bedrooms go:

This room had a mildew problem. The carpets were always damp, though we aren’t sure why. There was a terrible smell that resulted from this, but once we ripped up the carpet and aired it out – things greatly improved. This room also had some majorly peeling paint: the reason – the previous owners had painted latex over oil based paint without sanding or priming. What a nightmare! I hate sanding and this room required a lot of it. It was worth it because after months of work we were able to put together a very inviting guest room.

The third bedroom, or study for us, was covered in wood paneling. Scott loved it because it felt like an old library…

To me it just felt like a dungeon. Nothing a little paint can’t fix…

Next up on the tour is the Hall bath.

Now we were blessed that of all the fabulous 60’s tile color options, the hall bath was adorned with mild tans and browns. We didn’t get to this project, but updating the light fixture, painting and some decorative accessories brought it up to at least the 80’s.

That concludes the tour of our Arcadian Ranch (the master bath had no major updates to speak of and thus isn’t being featured). Can’t wait for house projects to continue once we buy a new fixer upper!

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