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Where does the time go?

May 11, 2011

Are my apologies getting old yet?  Blogging is something I was able to do when my day job was slow, but now it’s full steam ahead, which is great for my wallet, but not for dear ‘ol below blue skies.  Pair a super busy work schedule with being out of town every weekend and odds of posting decrease further.  That’s not all.  I’ve found a new web site that fills that last 1% of my remaining time pie…

Be careful.  Before you click the above link I’m warning you…you’re going to be addicted.  It’s amazing, so before you decide to journey to the wonderful world of pinterest, make sure you have some time on your hands.  After this web site I don’t even care about facebook…I know, it’s that crazy good.

So what is Pinterest?  It’s a web site that allows you to create cyber-bulletin boards.  So you can make a virtual board for every single category you can imagine: (yellow shirts, beach themed bathrooms, recipes, sewing crafts or whatever tickles your fancy…) and then save any image on the whole wide web that you like into a perfectly suited board.  It creates a link to the original place you found it so no need to make little notes on your saved desktop photos, oh no, that’s already done for you!  PLUS you can see what other people have pinned to find even more!

SO if you want to see what I’ve been up to, follow my pins here.

Have fun pinning!

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