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Time and Time Again Antiques

March 22, 2011

I found the jackpot of antique malls close to Spartanburg on the way to Biltmore with my family in February.  Off the interstate was this very large building with some very enticing antiques out front.  The sign was luckily large enough for me to read from the interstate and the name was catchy so I didn’t forget it.  It’s called Time and Time Again Antiques in Inman, SC.  Here’s a picture of the building I got from their facebook page:

It’s quite large as you can see.  Last week when Lani my former office space mate, friend, fellow designer, sometimes business partner, came to visit me, we had a very delicious meal at Palmetto Palete and then had a gorgeous afternoon to do whatever we wanted.  Luckily Lani is a fan of a good deal.  She and her husband go to yard sales all the time and she finds some incredible items with insanely good prices.  I knew she’d be game to rip through this place with me.  So we looked it up and headed down the road towards Inman.

It was only 15 minutes away from Spartanburg, which was great, because we spent a good three hours combing through this store.  It is slam packed with amazing finds and their prices are very very reasonable!  I walked away with an old glass milk bottle, and a set of gorgeous drinking glasses.  Lani found a cool manikin hand to display jewelry, a unique chicken sculpture for her collection at home as well as an old jar with neat typography (leave it to two designers to appreciate that).

Here are a few pictures I snapped with my iPhone.  I didn’t remember to take many pictures but they may get you to make the trip and find some neat stuff of your own.

I found this chair to be quite charming.  I’d considered it for the downstairs living space because it has the brown and orange which match our sectional and terra cotta tile floors, but I had a hunch the hubs wouldn’t be a fan.  It was only $100!  It was in excellent condition – not a tear or sign of wear anywhere, but I was right. When I showed Scott the picture he said “I don’t think so.”  It’s still there so maybe it would work for you?

Another form of typography that stole my heart.  This dresser had a nice blueish-green stain that I loved, and showed off these very neat drawer handles with a hand written nameplate on each drawer.  If I could find the handles alone I would have scooped them all up but they were only on this piece.  Isn’t that handwritten “Indigo” beautiful?

I didn’t realize I had this fixation with old milk bottles until I was done walking through this store.  Every time I saw one I couldn’t help but pick it up and want to take it with me.  Some of them were very expensive though.  One had a price tag that read $185!  I suppose they are collectors items, but I settled for one very plain styled bottle that was only $9.  Here was an entire case plus crate for sale for $55.  I wanted it so badly, but I rationalized that I have absolutely zero purpose for 15 milk bottles, so I left it there but decided a picture would help ease my aching heart.

I’m not sure what part of these glasses I love the most, but I decided they needed to be mine.  The blue color made me think how great they’d look sitting around my kitchen table and the sparkle of gold was just too much for me to resist.  Luckily they had an entire set of eight for $25, so they are now residing in my house.  I’m sure one will make its way into a food shot in the future.

I snapped this picture of an old telephone booth just to show you the range in products they have.  For $2,500 it can be yours!  Trust me you have to check this place out.  If you’re interested see their information below!  What’s your favorite antique mall?  Please let me know if you have one I should check out (especially if it’s in the upstate area!)

Time and Time Again Antiques

1385 Meadow Farm Road | Inman, SC 29349

Hours:Mon through Saturday 10 to 5 | Sunday 1 to 5

864 578 1878 |


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