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February 22, 2011

The weekend before last the hubs and I had nothing planned.  I’m sure you all understand how rare those kind of weekends are, so we decided to be spontaneous and go to IKEA.  Scott had never been, and although he knew it was filled with home furnishings and decorations, I was able to talk him into going by alluring him with $3.99 Swedish meatballs.  We got up relatively early, so we were on the road by 10 which put us there around 11:30…just in time for lunch!

I took tons of pictures of this adventure, but the following morning, I uploaded them to my computer (before having my morning coffee) and deleted them from my card.  Somehow, those pictures didn’t actually download to my computer – so you’ll have to use your imagination.  Here’s a picture from the internet of IKEA Charlotte:

Scott was immediately impressed with the size of this store.  So we entered, and made a bee line straight for the upstairs cafeteria to get my man some grub.  Ladies know it’s best to shop with a husband that has a full stomach.  Ikea had a special buy one get one chicken finger plate – for $4.99 – so we went for that instead.  They were pretty tasty.

Then it was time to enter the showroom.  The entire purpose of our trip was to get some furniture for my home office.  I had a desk and two bookshelves, but I needed more storage and more table space for certain projects, so we were able to quickly run through the showroom until we got to the EXPEDIT section.  I was inspired by an office remodel done by Rambling Renovators, and I wanted to use some of their ideas for my office.  Here is the photo (image from Rambling Renovators blog):

This was created with two EXPEDIT shelves, two Mikael file cabinet, two NUEMRAR counter tops and some other pieces that I didn’t need (you can read all about their process in their post).  I essentially wanted to recreate the top storage section with the EXPEDIT shelves, so I bought two 2 x 4 bookselves, and one 4 x 4.  We picked up two Brown-Black NUMRAR counter tops and eight legs.  I really wanted the file cabinet, but couldn’t find it, so we’re going to have to go back soon to get them.

We bought a few accessories as well: a plant, a light fixture, some picture frames and baskets and jars, and even this neat bar thing that has three hanging buckets that I thought would help me organize my desk.  After filling two shopping carts we headed to the check out line and then to the car (using every last ounce of energy we had to avoid being tempted to buy the cinnamon rolls they sell at the exit). We get the car to the loading zone and quickly realize there’s no way we’re going to fit everything.  It took us about 45 minutes of trying to stuff things in the back seat, lowering the back seats to open to the trunk, then finally using the front passenger seat leaned all the way back to get all but two boxes into the car.  We had to go back and buy straps and strap the last two boxes onto the top.  (Insert mental picture here of my little Toyota Camry filled to the brim, and two boxes strapped on the top for dear life.)  Then we headed home.

I took a little nap in the backseat on the way back, so when we made it home I was full of energy again and ready to put all our finds together.  Scott was a trooper and kindly agreed.  It actually ended up being fun for us – and by the last bookshelf – we had it down to a science.  He needed to go to Lowe’s to get some anchors to hang the shelves, so we decided to wait until the following day to try to install them.  Luckily, it didn’t take very long so I was able to get my office put together and was back in business Monday morning.

So to remind you, here is what my office was looking like before we moved in:

We ripped out the carpet so that the hardwood floors underneath would be sanded and stained the same time the rest of the house was done.  The color is a neutral, and I actually like it, so I doubt I paint this room anytime soon.  I moved in my desk and two book selves, but the room is so large that it still felt empty and uncreative, but here’s a photo after the remix:

And here is a picture from the opposite corner after we installed the shelves and moved all my stuff in:

Much more creative, huh?  I love that all my crafts have a place to live and are organized!  If you notice in the top picture, or bottom left corner of this one, my old desk has been moved from its original place on the wall that now has shelves to the wall with all the windows.  We’re keeping Scott’s laptop there, but when I need a large table top for wrapping gifts, or drawing, or sewing – I always have a space ready and waiting.  I need a larger area rug than the one I have here, and they have some great options at Ikea, I just wasn’t sure how things would work out until we actually set up the office.  Now that we have,  I know I can easily fit a 5 x 7.  I’ll be sure to post if and when I get a new rug.

I’m not the only one enjoying the space.  Here’s Rus sleeping at my feet (you can see his little bed in between the desk and standing bookshelf). He stays with me all day – so I leave his little bed in here so he can sleep comfortably while I work or blog.  Here he is right at home in the new space:

I love his little pink nose.  He always covers his face when the sun is too bright through those two back windows.  Melts my heart.  So what do you think?  If you have any organizational tips for a home office PLEASE share them with me!

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  1. February 22, 2011 12:43 pm

    This a very nice set up! I never thought of using my Expedits the way you did, you gave me some nice ideas about my home… (I’m an IKEA addict 🙂 )

  2. February 28, 2011 11:16 am

    Oh gosh, your cat is adorable! Mine does the same thing, covering her face. I think it is so cute, too!

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