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your turn: Lovely Personalized Art

February 14, 2011

Since I’ve been so slack in posting this past week, I thought I’d try to write two posts to try to make up for it, and since it’s Valentine’s Day why not share more blog love.

Every year for the big love day, I try to make something for Scott.  Baked goods, a nice meal, a handmade valentine…Well this year I found a photo somewhere (please forgive me, I didn’t remember to make a note of where it’s from) but I thought this would be the perfect little handmade gift that can live in our house as a memento of Valentine’s Day 2011:

Since Scott loves to read, I thought the little text covered hearts would add a personal touch to the gift.  It’s super easy and cheap – and if you’re freaking out that your sweetie might be home any second, I bet you could put this together before he/she gets there.

So to start, find yourself a picture frame.  Scott and I made a trip to IKEA this weekend, so I grabbed a frame that looks identical to this example picture.  Here it is still in it’s packaging:

Next, cut yourself a heart template:

Then trace and cut out as many hearts as you need to fit your frame.  I needed 25:

Then glue one side of each folded heart onto your paper.  Alternate sides to create a pattern.  I made one heart with red paper and wrote “M heart S” in the middle to add another custom touch.  Here it is all finished and ready to give to my valentine when he gets home:


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