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Much more inviting entry

February 7, 2011

We have made some great progress on house projects this past weekend.  We’re preparing for the second batch of visitors to come to our house for Scott’s upcoming birthday: his family.  His parents have seen our house, but the rest of the crew has not, so we’re full of energy once again to get a few things updated before March.

We went to Lowes, and decided to get a new pendant light for our foyer, as well as some accessories for the living room (will post more on this later).  This one switch completely changed the feeling of our house when you first enter.  Combined with the newly painted walls and a few black accessories – we have fallen in love with our foyer.   Here’s the before – on move in day:

It’s such a nice large space for an entry, but not very inviting with those white walls.  There is beautiful wainscoting on the lower half that you barely notice.  Here’s a picture I snapped after painting the upper half of the walls the same Wicker color that we’re putting in the living room and replacing the brass light switch plates with crisp white ones:

Doesn’t that seem so much more inviting.  The wainscoting suddenly pops out with the contrast of color – and of course an area rug makes it feel more lived in.  Here’s a close up of our lovely brass light fixture:

I considered spray painting this bad boy, just like I did the light fixture in the kitchen, but then we saw this awesome pendant in Lowes and decided to go for it since we had a 10% off coupon that was expiring soon. Thankfully, Scott didn’t get shocked this time.  Here it is after he finished hanging it:

Finally we replaced the door knobs on the small doors that close off the hallway.  Here’s a shot of the previous handles:

and the fabulous new ones.  I love these so much I wish I could find a useful place for a set in every room:

Here’s how they look from afar (sorry I took this photo before updating the light – so just try to block out the brass)

We have plans to spruce up those doors – so hope to post something about those before Scott’s birthday.  We still need to install newly stained quarter round, touch up the trim a bit, and find some furniture to go in this space like a nice coat rack or console table.  Hope you like the changes we’ve made so far.

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  1. Becky Spivey permalink
    February 7, 2011 10:16 pm

    Awesome! Kitchen renovation has begun. Wallpaper is half gone. All cabinets empty. Doors are being made now. Base cabinets will be sanded to raw wood on Thurs. Stained Friday, Sanded and stained, touched up on Saturday, doors hung on Sunday. Granite on the 17th, maybe 14th if I can be guaranteed cabinets are finished. Appliances purchased. ALL of them! Floor guy appt. Windows to be replaced. Got to pick out backsplash tile, electrical, faucet….Done! Maybe by the end of the month. Lol lol .lol lol We’ll see!

  2. February 17, 2011 5:37 am

    i love it

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