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Goal Review – January

February 1, 2011

I shared with you all my goals for 2011 in this post, and thought since today is the first day of February, it’s time to see what sort of progress I’ve made with my goals so far this year.

1. Be featured on

I’m not exactly sure how this works.  If you are featured, I’m assuming they would tell you – but I haven’t been told, so I’m assuming this hasn’t happened.  I did see that someone clicked a link from to get to my blog – so lets say this one is in progress.

2. Experience new cuisines: maybe Indian (my brother’s influence) or German…maybe others? (suggestions welcome)

That’s a no.

3. Be brave and buy a few of the strange foods I always pass in the grocery store, and figure out some way to cook them: (rhubarb, leeks, beets, parsnips)

Not yet…

4. Dust off my paints from college and create at least two paintings this year.

This isn’t looking so good…

5. Read a book a month.

Finally one I can say I’ve accomplished.  My friend Kari told me about her favorite author, Jodi Picoult so with her recommendation I read Second Glance last year and really enjoyed it.  For Christmas I asked for a few of her books – and got several – so in January I read The Pact:

It was a page turner – I have to say.  There is some language and a few disturbing scenes – but an enthralling story.

6. Make an additional payment to the hubs student loan every month – of at least $5.00

Another check mark here!  Scott’s loan was split into two (SC Student Loan and Nel Net).  One payment is smaller than the other – so we’re trying to double the smaller payment till we pay it off – and then the amount we were sending to Nel Net we’ll add to the payment for SC Student Loan until we knock it out.  According to my amortization spreadsheet, if we keep this up, we should have it paid off by 2018…get excited!

7. Take a trip to somewhere I’ve never been.

This is in the works – but with our loan payment schedule, excess funds are limited.  We’ll see…

Well I’m not doing so great, but not horrible either.  Hope to knock a few of those out in February.  How are your goals going so far?  I’d love some updates!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    February 1, 2011 5:17 pm

    I have a recipe for you. Easy as pie! However, right now we are building a dock. I’ll have to get back to you when I’m sitting down. 5 ingredients is all it takes. Ttyl!

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