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Open happines. 12 times a year

January 28, 2011

If you’ve known Scott for more than about an hour, you quickly realize he is a huge Coca-Cola fan.  Classic only – he’s not one for Diet, Zero, you can talk him into a Cherry variety – but his preference is the one and only original Coke.  He’s even a fan of the Mexican version which has real sugar versus high fructose corn syrup.

When we first got married, and survived off Ramen noodles, and Totino pizzas, we fought all the time about his addiction.  It was expensive to keep up with his at least two-a-day routine.  We’ve been in several “heated discussions” over the issue, for more reasons than just money – his blood has to be syrup by now because of all that sugar.  Well somehow Coca-Cola found a way to end this issue for us: now I get rewarded.

I discovered the website, and ever since – I’ve changed my tune.  Clearly, nagging him about it did nothing but make me upset, so I’ve given that up and have now extended my magazine collection with his help.  This year alone I have paid for the subscription to fitness magazine:

and as of yesterday Country Living:

If you’re a fan of Coca-Cola products (or the spouse of a fanatic) you should check out the rewards programs.  There are lots of rewards to choose from including donating your points to charities or local schools. So Coke’s right;  I’ll open happiness…every month when my new magazines come in the mail.

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