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Pull it together.

December 9, 2010

{This is a post I began in November, but haven’t finished until now.  My apologies.}

We closed on our house on Friday (that would be November 19th)!  It was an afternoon closing, so we quickly stopped by our storage shed to take the first batch of stuff to the new place.  It was dark after our first trip, so we didn’t get very much accomplished.  Saturday my parents came up and spent the morning helping us unload the storage shed into a 17 foot U-haul, and then unload it all again into our garage.  We’re planning to redo the hardwood floors before moving in, so we couldn’t settle in quite yet.  We made progress in other ways though…

Scott’s Dad also made a trip to help out, starting with removing the extra railing along the top of the front porch.  Our house no longer looks like it’s smiling at you, but that’s a very good thing.

Here’s our house before:

and after removing all that extra, not needed, top railing:

Doesn’t that look 100 times better?  In fact, the hubs has a friend who looked at this house and decided not to buy it because of that top railing.  Only took ten minutes to resolve that problem.

After finishing that up they also began constructing railings along the side entry so our dear Charles pup, can no longer jump out of the yard onto the side porch.  While they busily worked away on that, between talking to our very curious, happy to welcome us neighbors, I worked on updating some hardware in the kitchen.

Now brass had its day, but that day is over, (though it seems to be peaking back into a lot of design magazines), but his debut is over in our new home.  I chose this new cabinet hardware:

Here is the drawer hardware before:

I wanted to replace all the drawer hardware with the trendy cup hardware, but the options at the big home improvements stores were only 2.5″ wide and I needed 3″.  So rather than run up a huge bill for a specialty order, I surfed the web and scored these incredible 3″ drawer cups for about $1.90/piece before shipping.  Here’s the after:

When I removed some of the old hardware, a bit of paint came with it on the middle drawer – which of course is going to require me to sand and repaint one day, but my list is so long that I think that project can wait.  So if you love these drawer pulls, check out this site and score some for your self!  It’s truly amazing what a change in hardware can make in a room, and though my total bill was just over $150 for all the hardware (we had 28 doors {28 x $4.49 = $125.72} and 11 drawers {11 x $2.71 = 29.81} so $155.53 total) it made a difference I would have paid double for.

What are some other small changes with big impacts that you’ve tried?  I’d love to see some pictures!

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