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Moving Round Four: Complete

December 6, 2010

This weekend was the fourth and final moving weekend for us.  As a recap of our last four months:

Mid August:

Move essentials from Columbia to temporary apartment in Spartanburg.

Late October:

Pack entire home from Columbia and move to a storage facility in Spartanburg.

Mid November:

Empty storage facility in Spartanburg to garage in our new home in Spartanburg.

Early December:

Move from temporary apartment in Spartanburg to our new home in Spartanburg.

Wow, I’m tired.  We could not have done all of this moving without two wonderful sets of parents, who tirelessly continued to move box after box, and table after nightstand after dresser, to get us settled.  So thank you Mom and Dad (both sets) for all of your work!

So now that we’re here – we’ve been commemorating a few firsts for the new house.

Charlie’s first time in the yard:

Marking his territory.

Russell’s first morning enjoying the beautiful window in the living room:

Our first fire:

So we’re so happy to be settling in.  Can’t wait to start house projects!

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