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Running around a new city

August 16, 2010

Today is the hub’s first day of work as an attorney.  It’s so hard to believe that this day we’ve been counting down to is finally here.  We’re staying with his Aunt and Uncle in a town called Simpsonville – around 30 minutes away from Spartanburg – and I was incredibly nervous about this first day – but so far, it’s going great!  We got some good rest after having a great night with his family chatting.  After seeing him out the door – I felt like I should go run to get out some nervous energy and because we’re supposed to be training for the Mud Run and wear Charlie out some (he’s just so excited about his new surroundings and won’t calm down).

So I had no idea where I should go or how far to go, so before heading out the door I decided to google “map a running course” and found an awesome web site: Map My Run.  I was able to figure out where we were staying – and figure out a perfect 2 mile route.

It’s been a very slow journey to get on board this running boat that so many people sail off into the sunset on.  I’ve always been more of a group fitness girl myself, but today felt great.  I’ve also tried to get on board with my diet.  I am an idiot when it comes to knowing what I need to eat, and how much so I got a book appropriately named “Nutrition for Dummies.”  I’ve heard countless times that the best thing to do is keep a food journal for you to look back on and see what you’re eating and how much.  I looked for some journals online – and they were all so boring – so I designed one for myself that I’d be happy to share with you.  Click here to download a free Food Journal.  Hope this helps you all on your journey to a healthy diet.

Do you have any diet tips or tricks?  Know any good running tips for beginners?  I’d love to hear them all, and could use any suggestions given.

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